Water, Well, & Geo-thermal Well Drilling

Pelke Plumbing & Well Drilling, Inc., offers a broad spectrum in rotary well drilling services. These services include water wells for residential, commercial, dairy operations, and irrigation wells up to 16” in diameter. Our well driller has over 30 years experience in the drilling industry and we have the capability to reach a depth of 600+’.

We’ve also taken this portion of our business a step forward to include geo-thermal well drilling. This alternative heating & cooling option has become an increasingly popular way to be energy smart versus traditional methods.

If you are in need of a water well or are interested in geo-thermal wells, be sure to contact us. We’re proud of our drilling business and the fact that we have provided water to many home and business owners.


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  • New wells & replacement wells
  • PVC cased wells
  • Well abandonments
  • Geo-thermal wells
  • Irrigation wells

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